Useful tools

When coming to a new place, you usually have to purchase a lot of new things. Whether you are looking for an apartment for rent, roommates or a used car, or; the following 4 platforms will help you find just that. When using any marketplace, make sure to use caution and not transfer any money to people you don't know.

Cell Phone Companies

Below is the list of the major cell phone companies recommended for use in NL. Don't be surprised by the prices as Canada has one of the highest costs for cell phone plans in the world. When going on a 2 year plan, with a recently release phone and data, expect to pay $80+ per month. If you own your device, bring it from back home to get a cheaper plan by not having have to pay for a new device as well.


After you made it to Canada, you will most likely need local bank account. Below is listing of the biggest banks with prominent presence in Newfoundland and Labrador. For the most part they all offer plans for students that come with no fees after you have proven that you are student. They also have offerings for credit cards for international students that come with lowered credit, usually between $500 - $1000.