Costs of living

costs per month
There are many costs associated with living anywhere. Some of these include but are not limited to rent, food, phone plan, electricity and entertainment. Some costs in NL are much lower and much higher than elsewhere in Canada. Explore the two tabs below to learn more about the two biggest costs that you will have to incur while living in Newfoundland & Labrador.


of tomatoes
average grocery cost/month per person
Living on an island in the Northern Atlantic comes with its challenges. Due to the rocky environment of NL, it’s difficult to grow much produce here. We have to ship most fruit and most vegetables from the rest of Canada or USA. This increases the price of produce available for purchase.

Eating in restaurants

20 hours
while studying full time
15% tip
is what most servers expect
The price of produce in combination with high wages make eating out costly as well. When you order a $20 meal, and a $8 drink you must not forget about the 15% tax and a 15% tip, which brings the total to$37.

Be careful! Prices of meals on a menu in a restaurant don’t include the 15% tax!
average rent for 2 bedroom in St. John's
average cost for utilities (electricity/gas)
are two most common living arrangements
Most frequently students share their living quarters with roommates, you can find listings of people looking for roommates on Kijiji and other marketplaces that we have listed for you in the Useful Tools section. They usually share an apartment within a house or a full house. There aren't many student focused condominiums available around the province.

Memorial University provides on campus housing that is frequently recommended to international students to ease their transition and find new friends when they are a long way from home.

Check out our Useful Tools section where we show you some of the best online marketplaces to find living in Newfoundland & Labrador.